Teaching Innovation & Excellence



In Richmond Public Schools, there are innovative teachers striving to inspire students and give them the skills they need to be successful in college, career and beyond! But they can’t do it alone. Each year RPS Education Foundation provides teachers with the opportunity to gather much needed resources to improve their own skills, purchase supplies to create innovative learning spaces, and improve the overall learning experience of their students through the Teaching Innovation & Excellence (TIE) Grants.

This year, 134 teachers applied and 48 teachers were awarded thanks to the generous support of our donors! Check back here in the coming months for updates on how these outstanding teachers put their grant dollars to work for RPS students!
View this year’s Grant Winners!

  • TIE Prize Patrol Visits Henderson - Impson, Tillman, Waldon, Adams & Brown
  • TIE Prize Patrol Visits E. Redd - Ms. LaShwawn Moore
  • TIE Prize Patrol Visits GH Reid - Alison McNew
  • TIE Prize Patrol Visits Richmond Tech - Mr. Burrell & Ms. Zimmerman
  • TIE Prize Patrol Visits George Wythe HS - Ulanda Friday