Annual Report

Sharing our success


An investment in education lasts a lifetime.  These words inspire the work of Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation.  They also inspire the donors who share our commitment to changing the lives of students.  We see the return on this investment every day.  It can be seen in the eyes of a first grader who discovers the joy of reading for the first time.  It can be heard in the voices of middle school students who explore science and robotics at a conference with their peers from other states.  It can be sensed as a graduating senior receives a scholarship that will allow her to be the first in her family to attend college.


Support from individuals, major corporations, local businesses, and government entities make this work possible.  We have partnered with all to raise more than $5 million over the past five years.  Our annual report provides examples of how we are investing these funds to maximize their impact while evaluating our work to drive continuous improvement.


With your support, we can make a difference now.  Together, we can help every student receive an education that sets them on a path for future success.  We hope you will join us in making a difference.


Brendan McCormick

CEO, 70 Douglass Communications LLC

Chairman, RPS Education Foundation


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