Working together

Richmond Public Schools serves over 23,000 students, representing the region’s diverse socioeconomic mix. It is comprised of 28 elementary schools, including one charter school, eight middle schools, five comprehensive high schools and three specialty schools. Although RPS has much to celebrate, it is faced with increased demand and diminishing resources. Through fundraising efforts and collaborations, the Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation seeks private funding for needs that do not receive adequate public support.

The Foundation’s role is two-fold:

  • To increase private philanthropy coming into the school system to support new and existing programs and enrichment activities.
  • To be a liaison between the school system and private sector to ensure that all incoming programs and services are aligned with the RPS strategic outlook.

In 2010 the Foundation completed a restructuring process which resulted the hiring of an executive director and the establishment of its first development plan. Since then the Foundation has more tripled its revenue facilitating over $5 million in contributions during the past five years. These donations augmented the launched enrichment programs supporting students and teachers, increased the number of college scholarships available to students, supported professional development for teachers and principals, helped to rebuild playgrounds destroyed by fire, made training available to new mentors, and increased student participation in experiential programs such as robotics competitions and Model UniteFace Paintedd Nations.


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The Foundation is a bridge that helps donors contribute to the building of a 21st Century approach to enhance the educational and teaching experience for RPS students and teachers respectively. In addition, the participation of community partners complements on-going work and helps to create innovative and exciting ways to motivate students.

The Foundation works within three primary areas of concentration:redsea

  • Student Success – enrichment support both during and after the school day
  • Teaching Innovation – resources and recognition of extraordinary achievements
  • Post Secondary Learning – scholarships for graduating seniors going to college or career training



In Richmond Public Schools there are smart, creative teachers, dedicated principals and administrators, and a superintendent who is a strategic, visionary leader. But they can’t do it alone. They need help from the Richmond community. That’s why the Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation was established – to support the school system by seeking monetary donations and promoting a shared, organized approach to incoming resources. Together, we will enrich the school experience of students so they will graduate ready, ready to go to college…ready to pursue a career…ready to be a productive member of our community.